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05:01 pm, by fyduncanpenn

Duncan's middle name is Michael. :)

Duncan’s middle name is Michael!

04:59 pm, question from Anonymous, answered by fyduncanpenn1 note



04:59 pm, by fyduncanpenn5 notes

Really like the blog! Hope you update some more!!

thanks a lot! i sure will try. i’ve been really busy with school. :( i’ll try to get on as much as possible, though. x

04:52 pm, question from garfieldmondays, answered by fyduncanpenn

wow i think i just fell in love with your tumblr..


04:51 pm, question from theburiedlifexoxo, answered by fyduncanpenn

Hi :)
love the blog :)

Do you know if Duncan has a middle name?

i’m pretty sure he does. i’m not sure of it though. if i find it out, i’ll be sure to post!

04:51 pm, question from jborhaha, answered by fyduncanpenn


“Friends are overrated. Money.. is not.”
-Duncan Penn


“Friends are overrated. Money.. is not.”

-Duncan Penn